How I Handwash my Flats


This is my setup this year:
1 4-gallon bucket that I normally use for housecleaning $0
1 “roto rooter” toilet plunger with gripped handle $10
1 bottle of detergent (tester) $0
Normally I would be using liquid Purex ($2) and Borax($4) (for hard water), but as a tester for a well-known CD detergent company my detergent this year is free. Putting my total setup at $10 (normal set up would be $16).

Basic wash routine:
4-6 diapers with soiled covers (if any)
1-Fill bucket about 2/3 with cool water,  50 plunges,  dump
2-Fill bucket about 2/3 with hot water, 1 TBS detergent (as per manufacturer), 50-75 plunges,  let sit for 5-10 minutes,  50-75 plunges, dump
3-repeat step 2
4-repeat step 1
5-run diapers under plain water from the tap and squeeze out excess water.
6-wring flats out and roll covers in a towel “hot dog” style and step on them to squeeze out excess water without damaging the elastics


7-hang dry

Trust me,  I looks like more work than it actually is.  It takes about 15 minutes if actual active work time twice per day and I have clean diapers!
Happy Diapering!


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